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I am here to listen.

Hi, and welcome.

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Gayle Colthurst is an integrative bodyworker, intuitive artist, and coach.

I am deeply passionate about changing the way health care practitioners work with their clients.

I believe the key to healing and achieving optimal health and wellness is in listening.

That is why I am here to listen.

Listen to your story.
Listen to the wisdom of your body.

Listen to the environment around you.

I see you and have been there too.

I also have been on a long healing journey.
I tried to figure it out on my own by seeking different health modalities but I just became
overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated.

It wasn't until I had a few practitioners start listening to me that true healing began.

This is where I come in and why I make space to listen.

I've been in the Health & Wellness industry for over 13 years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Women's Health Coach, and a Licensed Message Therapist. I have taken years of Continuing Education (see all of my credentials below) and I believe that listening is a missing link when it comes to
healing and optimizing your health.

My work is much different than other practitioners.

I listen to
your story because your story is usually different then your bodies.

I listen to your journey and your goals.

I listen to your bodies story.

I listen, with my hands, intuition, and use muscle response testing to tune into the wisdom of your body to first tell me where to start. I do this by placing my hand on the top of your head or feet and listen where your body is leading me to the root cause of dysfunction. Then I use gentle touch to facilitate the release of these physical or emotional restrictions throughout the body so you are able to relax,
self-correct, and free yourself of pain, stress, and toxins that are common in everyday life.

Healing begins in the body and mind by first releasing layers of tension.

Then, healing is amplified by guiding clients in a container of support through mindset shifts, exercise or wellness recommendations, and clearing emotions that is no longer serving you so you can move forward towards your goals with aligned action.

I can't wait to listen, facilitate, and support you on your journey.

Health Enrichment Center 2021  Licensed Massage Therapist

Oakland University 2010  Doctor of Physical Therapy

Barral Institute  Visceral Manipulation
Visceral manipulation curriculum 1-4: Abdomen, pelvis, thorax, and Listening 1 & 2.

Talking Toxins Graduate 2022
Certificate of Completion

Upledger Institute 
CranioSacral Therapy
CS1, CS2, Somatoemotional Release 1
Conception, Pregnancy, & Birthing (virtual component)

Herman & Wallace
Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute
Pelvic Floor Series Levels 1, 2A, 2B, Capstone

Integrative Women's Health Institute 2020

Certified Women's Health Coach
Specializing as a Low-tox living Coach

Energy Clearing 2022

And More...
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