Congratulations! I am so excited for you & your growing family.

Getting regular bodywork during pregnancy is such an amazing gift for you & your baby.

It allows you to connect with your baby, make space for your baby to grow, & prepare for a better birth. Bodywork during pregnancy is a calm soothing technique that allows the nervous, organ, & musculoskeletal systems to reset, release, & relax so you feel better as your body grows.

I am here to help guide, facilitate, & support you through a happy, healthy pregnancy & birth.

We sit down & establish goals together; mom, baby, dad, & siblings

Relieve pain & discomfort in your growing body.
Promote relaxation to increase circulation to the womb & reduce stress.
Free restrictions in your body so your baby can get into the correct birthing position
so you can have a better, easier, birth.
Develop a birth plan that is alignment with mom & baby.
Discuss & make health changes not only physically, but mentally & environmentally
to support a healthy, happy family.
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Thanksgiving (19).png
In this trimester the focus is on reducing pregnancy pain, calm the nervous system. Gentle opening and softening techniques are used to make sure baby is in a good position for birth, and balancing the pelvic floor. It's important to get your body mobile enough for birth, and allow enough space for baby to be in the best position to be born. This is beneficial for vaginal, cesarean births, and reduces the need for an assisted delivery.
Gentle, light-touch therapy is excellent
for helping with nausea, fatigue, headaches, unstable emotions, anxiety, balancing the pelvic floor, calming the nervous system, and pain.
In this trimester it is beneficial to establish the Mom, baby connection for life-long bonding.

The morning sickness has lessened, now your body is adjusting to your growing baby.
Now the focus is on structural imbalances that arise from your changing body.
It is excellent for pain relief for round ligaments, pubic bone, pelvic floor, low back, SI joint, or tailbone. It's also super relaxing, and can help with acid reflux, shortness of breath,
and anxiety.