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A Creative Rest Retreat

For Health and Wellness Professionals
Who are Craving Rest

Are you a healer, or health and wellness professional who is feeling burnt out?

I'm here to help you find rest through a unique creative process


You'll go from feeling burnt out to...

In my 'Creative Rest' art-making program you're allowed to:

Make "mistakes", because there is really no right or wrong way to make art, only your way.

Not know what your art means.

Not feel creative or artistic, because you don't have too.

Make "messy art".

Feel you feelings.

Let go of what art "should" look like.

When you step into a session, you have full permission to be yourself.

You might even feel like art-making does some sort of magic.

Our work together actually involves.

Choosing art materials deliberately based on your needs and its psychological and emotional properties.


Strategically setting up your session to session flow.

Structuring your session for deeper insight and understanding.

Having a method to bust through limiting beliefs, emotions, thoughts, fears, and resistance you might have.

And, this is where the magic happens.


A little bit of magic from tapping into your subconscious.

Here's how we'll spend our time together.

Thanksgiving (10).jpg

Connect: We'll connect in-person or online and begin with a grounding activity.


Warm-up: A "warm-up" for your hands by doing basic coloring, scribbling, or just mark-making on paper to get you out of your mind.

Main art activity: We'll wither continue with the warm-up by making a more elaborate piece, or start new with a bigger canvas/space, taking any hints or inspirations you got from the warm-up (e.g., a color sparked your interest, a mark or form made you think of a particular emotion you want to explore more, etc). ⁠

Clean up: After completing the activity, clean up your space to transition into reflection time. Having a clear space helps you observe and reflect on your art.⁠

Reflection or journaling: We'll discuss your work, any emotions, feelings or visons that came up. Or allow you time to write in a journal what you created and any thoughts or feelings that came up/come up as you look at the piece. No judgments. ⁠

What if one hour a week could change your life?

Why does this works? ⁠

Because 99% of people don't know what's really going in their heads, or in their bodies.


We simply ignore, suppress, or confuse ourselves about what's REALLY going on with ourselves. ⁠


And even when we talk about our problems, we get into a negative spiral and don't feel better.⁠

But there's a better way.⁠

In my "Creative Soul' art facilitation program you'll feel free to express what's inside of you, through art -- a visual language of shapes, colors, and lines.⁠

This is when magic happens.


It's when you TRANSFORM what you feel, not only unburdening yourself.


You'll meet your real feelings, not in a bad way, but in a self-discovery, freeing, or releasing kind of way.


A way of empathy.


A way of understanding.


Allowing you to rest, so you can better serve.

Why work with me?

I am easily accessible

'Creative Rest' is an online healing, art facilitation program.

There is no need for us to meet in person, so you can easily create in a place that is comfortable to you.

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