Self-love Empowerment Program

Your self-love roadmap to
health, healing, and well-being.
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Your self-love roadmap to health, healing, and well-being!

YOU want:
More energy
To feel relaxed, & grounded
To get a restful nights sleep
Clarity & Focus
To move your body without hurting
To support & nourish your body
To feel a deep sense of comfort in your own skin

YOU need:
Guidance, facilitation, and support on your journey and
a personalized
self-love roadmap to 
 yourself, while living the LIFE you desire!


There is an enormous gap in conventional healthcare.

Most of us typically go to our health care provider for support and answers, but do you actually get them
. Sometimes? They run a few tests, give you a pill, or a therapy prescription and send you on your way. In this day and age most healthcare practitioners don't have the time to sit down and guide you through lifestyle changes or mindset shifts that are needed for your health, healing, and wellbeing.

This is where I come in.

Most providers are not looking as holistically and not doing gentle, light-touch manual therapy along with lifestyle changes to support and empower their clients that I am. That's the gap I am filling that conventional providers aren't. That's what makes this work different. It also, is not a 15 minute office visit once every couple months.

The Self-love Empowerment Program is a 3 month program, it is having me by your side
 to help guide, facilitate, and support you. We'll deep dive into your own personalized self-love roadmap to embody health, healing, and well-being. I teach you how to look inward toward your intuition, so you can easily and effortlessly make mindset shifts, create and practice new habits, and modify your behavior so you can truly live the life you desire.

BE you
LOVE yourself
DESIRE what's in alignment
ACTIVATE your desire
TRUST your intuition
LIVE your best life

Self-love Empowerment Program

Your body is energy, nature is energy, the world is energy.  
Your body has an amazing capacity to heal, all it needs is love, support, and guidance along with the right environment to raise your vibrational energy so you can make shifts, and release restrictions to live in
optimal health, joy, and abundance. 

I designed the Self-love Empowerment Program based on my own healing journey. As I started to raise my vibration in self-love, and made mindset shifts that led to lifestyle changes I was able to heal my body, mind, and spirit.

That's why I created this program, I want you to have this too!

You'll get your own personalized, self-love roadmap
to health, healing, and well-being.

We'll spend 3 months together to assessing your health desires, while guiding and supporting you in the lifestyle changes and mindset shifts needed to take your healing to a whole new level. 

To LOVE yourself, and LIVE the life you desire.
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You are ready to make your health, healing, and well-being a priority.
You are open and receptive to natural ways of supporting yourself.
You recognize the importance of making the time for yourself.
You are ready to love your self, while creating a life you truly desire.

You want a professional to help guide, facilitate, and support you during your healing journey for optimal health and well-being.

You recognize that an investment in health and well-being is the most important investment you will ever make.
  • 3 month program
  • Weekly guidance, facilitation, and support in-person or virtually.
  • In-person sessions (60 minutes) include manual therapy to help you feel your best as we work together releasing physical, and emotional restrictions.
  • Virtual sessions (30-60 minutes) allow us to work together through your personalized self-love roadmap. I will guide and support you in  making mindset shifts, lifestyle changes, and developing your intuition to raise your vibration so you can love yourself, while living your best life. 
  • Access to health & wellness resources to support you on your journey.
  • Individualized life-style recommendations.
  • 3 month support & accountability.
  • BONUS: Receive a copy of "Understanding the Messages of Your Body: How to Interpret Physical and Emotional Signals to Achieve Optimal Health" by Jean Pierre-Barral D.O.
I am READY to
my God-given intuition so I can live my best life.
Self-love Empowerment Program



 To see if this program is a good fit for you, contact me.