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Optimize Your Health By Minimizing
Everyday Toxic Exposure!
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A 5 week online course

To help you systemically lower
exposures to harmful chemicals hiding
out in your everyday routine.
Overwhelmed by everything you're hearing about toxic chemicals in our food
and the products we use every day?

Environmental chemicals - including ones that we encounter every day, just through living our normal lives, are increasingly being linked to a long and growing list of serious chronic health issues. Everything from obesity and diabetes to fertility issues, hormone imbalances, cancers, and more.

Trying to figure out what's safe and what has risks is often overwhelming and confusing.
We're all looking to improve our health, which is great! But most of the conversations about health completely ignore the role that environmental chemicals can play in causing or contributing to very issues we're trying to resolve!

I'm here to help you easily identify and address everyday toxic exposures!
Hi, I'm Gayle, and I help you take the confusion & overwhelm out of minimizing toxic exposures in everyday life.

I've been in the Health & Wellness industry for over 14 years and I believe that minimizing your toxic load is a missing link when it comes to optimizing your health. Why? Toxins are linked to every chronic health issue and many practitioners aren't talking about reducing your exposure to them.

This is where I come in.

In my 5 week Everyday Wellness online course I merge the most current environmental research with a systemic approach to help you lower exposures to harmful chemicals hiding out in your everyday routine.

You'll feel empowered and informed about everyday toxic exposures and be able to shop with confidence for yourself and your family.
Wouldn't it be great if:
  • You knew exactly how to create a health-supporting low-tox home for yourself and your family?
  • You could shop for everyday products with confidence and without worrying about whether you got duped by savvy marketing?
  • You felt educated and empowered on shopping for safer products and no longer at the mercy of some random influencer telling you what you "need" to buy?
After This Course, You'll:
  • Feel empowered and informed about everyday toxic exposures and be able to shop with confidence for yourself and your family.
  • Become a more savvy shopper, effortlessly navigating grocery store aisles to select safer products that align with your health goals.
  • Leave behind anxiety or overwhelm from trying to find safer, healthier products.
  • Transform your home into a safe haven, allowing you to rest easy knowing you've done your best to create a health-supportive space for your family to thrive in.
  • And more!

That's Why Everyday Wellness Was Created

Everyday Wellness is a 5 week online course to help you systemically lower exposures to harmful chemicals hiding out in your everyday routine. 

It focuses on the most common exposures that are the easiest to avoid & have the most accessible solutions, which means you'll be able to take action quickly!

What Does Your 5 Week Journey Look Like?

Everyday Wellness is all about helping you quickly and systematically identify & address the hidden toxicants in your home. In this program, we're going to focus on the most common exposures that have the easiest and most accessible solutions (many are free!).

This means you can take action quickly to start lowering the toxic body burden for yourself and your family.

Here's what we'll be tackling each week of the course:

WEEK 1: Understanding Environmental Toxins & Your Health + Common Exposures
in Our Food

In the first week, we'll dive into why it's so important for us to address environmental exposures in the first place, how much they're costing us, and why we can't "detox" our way out of this problem. You'll learn about hidden toxicant exposures found in some of our healthiest foods: fruits, vegetables, fresh meat & seafood, and dairy products.

WEEK 2: Toxins In The Kitchen: Cookware, Food Packaging, & Food Storage
In this session, you'll learn about the sneaky places where harmful toxicants are hiding out in food packaging, food storage, cookware, and basic kitchen items. You'll also learn how to use some of the unavoidable plastics that we all have in our kitchens. You'll leave with an action plan on how to minimize toxic exposures in the healthiest room in the house!

WEEK 3: Not So Pretty: Personal Care Products & Makeup
During week 3, we'll shift our focus to the bathroom, highlighting toxic chemicals commonly found in personal care products and beauty practices. We'll debunk myths about skincare and personal care product regulation, empowering you with the knowledge to make safer shopping choices confidently.

WEEK 4: Cleaning House: Toxic Chemicals In Household Cleaners
In the fourth week, we'll discuss the risks associated with conventional household cleaners and provide steps to simplify your cleaning routine. This lesson will save you money while creating a healthier, safer home environment for you and your family. You'll leave this lesson with a clear list of the top chemicals of concern, along with recommendations for brands that make effective and non-toxic cleaners!

WEEK 5: Clearing The Air: Indoor Air Quality
In the fifth week, we'll explore the primary contributors to poor indoor air quality and what steps you can take to quickly and inexpensively improve your indoor air. You'll also learn about what to look for in a quality air filter and how to make low-cost emergency air filters for unexpected situations.

Everyday Wellness Is For You If:

You are aware that toxic chemicals are a threat to your or your family's health, and want to do something about it but don't know where to start.

Want to create a more health-supportive home, free of unnecessary toxic exposures.
Suspect that everyday chemical exposure may be contributing to your ongoing health issues, and you want to learn to address them.
You are tired of relying on information on what's safe or what's toxic from social media and want reliable, accurate information about which exposures actually matter.

Are You Ready to Embrace a Healthier, Toxin-Free Lifestyle?

I've designed this course to guide you through the simple steps that can have a huge impact on your daily toxin exposure without having to invest in expensive "detox" products, supplements, or protocols.

Whether you're concerned about potentially harmful exposures in your daily life or suspect they may be contributing to your ongoing health issues, this course will empower you to take your health to a new level.

Here's Everything That's Included
In This 5 Week Course:

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, this course will help you navigate low-tox living with confidence!
Here's everything that's included inside Everyday Wellness:

Course material and Q&A: Each week you will get access to a featured video of our topic for the week, along with supporting resources, and journal prompts so you can take action quickly. Do as much or as little as you feel drawn to with the material presented each week. And save your emails to refer back to and work with forever. You can ask me any question you like all class long and I will answer every single one for you! 

Low-Tox Home Inventory Checklist: Weekly checklist to identify items in your home that may need replacing, with product and behavior change recommendations.
Ingredient Watchlist: A compilation of common chemicals found in household products, personal care items, and food packaging, and their potential health effects.
Shopping Guide for Safer Products: Criteria for selecting safer alternatives to common household products like cleaning supplies, personal care products, and cosmetics.
Simple Everyday Detoxification: An in-depth look at our organs and detox processes and tips for optimizing your body's natural detoxification pathways, with no need for supplements or intimidating protocols.
Meal Planning & Cooking Tips for Minimizing Chemical Exposure: Guidance on food preparation and storage to lower potential exposure to chemicals.
Everyday Low-Tox Resources: Websites, apps, and browser extensions to help you locate safer, less toxic products.

Your Investment: $297
 If you have questions about Everyday Wellness being a good fit for you, contact me.
  • Can I do this with my friends?
    Absolutely! The more, the merrier. Plus, did you know that joining programs like this with a buddy can help you both stick to it? Just send your friends the link to the registration page and invite them to join you!
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    No. I am unable to give any refunds after signing up for the program.
  • Hey you missed my question?
    Sorry! If you have a question I didn’t answer, just head over to the contact me page, submit your question and I’ll get back to you ASAP!
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