For manual therapists who are ready to
LOVE your work, while living the LIFE you desire.

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I see you,
Kindhearted Therapist

You have a special gift!

You're an amazing therapist!

You can help so many people!

Your soulmate clients are out there just waiting for you!

You want to take the leap, go out on your own or make a pivot in your practice.

But, you feel...stuck, worried, tired, frustrated, hopeless, overwhelmed.

You just don't know where to start.

How do you show up, connect with others, 
reach your soulmate clients, and build a successful practice?

All of these questions, fears, frustrations ran through my head too, all the signs were there.
I was stuck...

I was worried about fulfilling my purpose...

I was so focused on other peoples problems...

I hate to say this, I was jealous of other therapists success...

I was tired...

I was easily irritated and frustrated by the people I love...

I felt hopeless...

I knew there was only one way out, it was time to face my fears and take the
leap to fulfill the desire I felt deep in my soul.

I knew what would fill my cup, a small, simple practice
where I could treat clients using the modalities I love.

I love the deep healing work that comes from integrating visceral work, craniosacral therapy, and empowering my clients in self-love.

I was ready to finally LOVE what I do, while living a LIFE I desire.

No more 10 hour days, rushing from client to client, and limitless paperwork.

But was I crazy to give up Physical Therapy.
I was scared leaving it all behind, but just knew that I had to allow my soul to sing.

And you can do it too.

YOU are meant for so much more.

YOU desire more.

YOU want to fulfill your life purpose.

YOU can also...

LOVE your work, while living the LIFE you desire!








I took the LEAP...

And it felt so good, but yes also so scary, challenging,
frustrating, overwhelming, so many emotions.

I spun my wheels with no real plan.

I didn't know how anything about having my own business,
or how to market myself, or how to network.

It was even harder when someone asked the dreaded question “What do you do?”

Ugh...my response...
I'm a PT...
I specialize in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy.

Their eyes would glaze over and they would go into
explaining how they had PT for a knee injury a few years back.

Um, no what knew what I specialized in.
It made it that much more challenging to market myself and educate my clientele.

Then the world stood still and 2020 happened.
All the questions of self-doubt, and fear came in.

Now what should I do?

I sat in the stillness, and became deeply connected to my intuition.

I heard 'BE YOU' don't worry about what others are doing, thinking or saying.

Do what you know is true in your heart and trust your souls desire.

Don't get me wrong I was starting a business in the middle of a pandemic.

Of course I wanted to see overnight success,
but quickly realized slow and steady wins the race.

I made a few connections with like minded, natural health practitioners.
And saw a slow trickle of clients come in.

I knew if I was able to delight my soulmate clients I had,
that they would refer me to the family and friends.

And slowly my practice grew, full of soulmate clients.

Sounds simple right, but it wasn't all that easy.

I knew I needed help in my practice if I wanted to
LOVE my work, and live the LIFE I desire.

I had some amazing mentors along the way cheering me on,
helping me through the ups and downs to get through the business side of the things,
and develop consistency in my business.
I see you,
Kindhearted Therapist, and I want you to be successful too.

Because I know it is hard, but it doesn't have to be with support.
It can be fun, simple, and even joyful!

Learn to love your work, follow your passion and intuition, trust, and become aligned in your life's purpose so you can serve your soulmate clients.

You deserve to LOVE the work you do, while living the LIFE you desire.

That is why I am sharing everything I have learned over the last few years.
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life."
~ Mary Oliver


BE you
LOVE yourself
DESIRE what's in alignment
ACTIVATE your desire
TRUST your intuition
LIVE your best life

I am here to guide, facilitate, and support you so you can:

 Live as your authentic self

Self-love to move through your healing, so you can better serve your soulmate clients

What is in alignment for you in your practice, and your life

Energy flows where your intention goes

Allow your intuition to guide you

Feel restored, renewed, and empowered to 
LOVE what you do, while living the LIFE you desire.

I am here to help you make mind-set shifts,
release physical and emotional blocks stored in your body, mind, and soul,
while shedding limiting beliefs from your conditioned self.


To align with your highest vision on your unique path, for yourself and your business

To show up as your authentic self and shine your light

To take aligned action, release your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs

To LOVE yourself and fulfill your souls desire

Tools and resources to help you to build your practice, full of soulmate clients

Me and a like minded community to support you
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A 1:1 6 month experience that consists of:

  • 6 x 1:1 in person integrative bodywork sessions to release pain and trapped emotions that are holding you back.

  • 6 months of weekly support to help you break through limiting beliefs, blocks, and fears that once held you back.

  • Discover & align with your inner guidance of your intuition.

  • Shift from living in the fears of your conditioned self to living in your authentic self.

  • Heal from pain, past trauma, and stories.

  • Reconnect with your passion, joy, and gratitude.

  • Elevate your self-care by grounding into a higher vibrational energy.

  • Turn your passion for your work into your ideal practice. 

  • Get clarity on your soulmate clients.

  • We'll work together to develop your Aligned Roadmap to build your successful practice full of soulmate clients. 

  • 12 months of access to monthly office calls to support you and your business. 

  • 12 months of support in our Restore You Aligned community.

I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone, take the leap, and feel 
everyday to LOVE my work, while living the LIFE I desire!


To see if this program is a good fit for you, contact me.


You are ready to love your self, while creating a practice and a life you truly desire.

You are ready to get unstuck in your practice and make it and you a priority.

You are open and receptive to natural ways of supporting yourself.
You recognize the importance of making the time for yourself.
You want a professional to help guide, facilitate, and support you.

You recognize that an investment in yourself and your practice is the most important investment you will ever make.